I am a Financial Domme

 I am very high maintenance.

 I am sexy

 I am spoiled 

 I am Bodacious 

I live the luxurious lifestyle you dream about in beautiful Sin City (Las Vegas). I am a luxury. If you can’t afford Me, go away.

You, on the other hand, My little piggy and aspiring sub are here for a reason. You enjoy giving up your power and giving your hard-earned cash to your naughty secret addiction. Me! Your purpose is to ensure My well being. Let Me spell it out for you: C.A.S.H.

I love weak and horny boys. Did you know that it excites Me when you’re weak and dripping with frustration? Show Me you’re worthy of My attention, contribute to My lifestyle. That’s the only way I’m going to notice you or allow you to be a part of My world. This FinDomme runs on cash, piggy, and the tank is always hungry.

Admit it little piggy, your cock is rock hard just thinking about serving such a sexy and Dominating Woman. I’ll make you My little boy toy, bitch. It turns Me on and makes Me wet to control your mind and body, your puny cock, your blue balls, your orgasms (few though they may be). Most importantly, I will control your fat little wallet. Amusing, no?

I will use your weakness and fantasies against you. So, what makes you weak, bitch: sexy nylon clad feet, an ass to die for, big, smothering tits, a curvy body in hot lingerie? Is chastity and keyholding your secret fetish? I love teasing and tormenting chastity boys. They’re so easy and always horny. You won’t be the first chastity slave to have his keys “lost” at Hoover Dam. I’ll make chastity your permanent way of life. I’ll sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’ll never have sex, masturbate, or touch your cock without permission. Beg Me to let you cum and you’ll be rewarded with denial. Do you like small penis humiliation? Do tell, Mistress.

You’re already addicted to Me or you wouldn’t be here. You will make an effort to learn what I like and what I don’t like. You will tribute often and when you are told or face My disfavor. You will never say no to Me. Ever! Understood? I am the Boss of you. Consider yourself warned, little piggy. This Mistress plays for keeps. You may try to stop. That’s normal. But you will come crawling back. Guaranteed! Remember, there are fines for disobedience.

I cater to wealthy, powerful business men who enjoy giving up control. Is that you, little piggy? I don’t mind training beginners, either. If you are turned on by Financial Domination, then follow directions. Pull out your fat little wallet and do as you’re told. NOW!

I give you permission to message me and introduce yourself. I expect you to tribute after your introduction. Tell Me where you’re located in the US or abroad, and you will receive tribute directions. Follow them to the letter. Now, who’s a good boy?

If you're a piggy or sub from the USA, tribute now. Here’s how:

Amazon Wish List

E-Gift Card 

Go online and search out E-Gift Cards and send them to:

Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Devastatingly yours,

Your New Mistress, Findomme Las Vegas

Contact Me

Findomme Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


If you have an Amazon account


Send an EGift Card to 



Purchase a NETSPEND  RELOAD PAK, give th e cashier cash at the register of the amount you want to send me

plus a load fee of a few dollars. Take it home, scratch off the back of the card send me the code how it is written, and a photo of the card front and back  with the code on the card and send it to


OR you can request to call me and read the code out loud to me

These cards can be purchased at Walgreen, Walmart or any Grocery store.


Sign up if your Fetish is being Financially Dominated